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Grow How to Build Multi-Platform Video Apps that Delight Your Users and Your Developers. Join our webinar to learn more!

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Kieran Farr

VP of Marketing

Cory Zachman

Solutions Architect

For broadcasters and developers distributing video content on mobile apps, dedicating sufficient resources to build and manage video delivery on each platform - iOS and Android, in addition to the desktop web - is a constant balancing act between improving capabilities and end-user experience, on one hand, and meeting time-to-market goals with the available resources, on the other.

Is it best to DIY using AV Foundation and ExoPlayer or consider an off-the-shelf product? Join this webinar to learn about the available solutions for multi-platform distribution from Bitmovin mobile platforms expert and Solutions Architect Cory Zachman. We’ll discuss different approaches including using Bitmovin’s Native Player SDKs to abstract away the complexity of multi-platform distribution, offering flexibility to build a product that delights your users and keeps your dev team happy!

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