Video Tech Trends 2021

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New year, new set of Video Tech Trends! In February 2020, we identified three values/trends that would define the back-end streaming market: Viewer Experience, Operational Optimization, and Time-to-Market. We had no idea how impactful these trends would become and we hope to repeat the process once again. This year we’ve identified five new/updated trends thanks to our Video Developer Report and the fantastic insights our partners have shared.

Watch us alongside, AWS, Dalet, G&L, Teleport Media, & Unified Streaming as we discuss our predicted top five video tech trends of 2021:

  1. Reducing costs of content distribution while building to scale
  2. The importance of Video Analytics and how/why to apply them
  3. Innovatively increasing viewer engagement
  4. The new “norm” of streaming models is that there is no “norm” (AVOD vs SVOD vs Mixed vs Bundling, etc)
  5. Continued improvements to viewer experience

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