Don't stream blind!

How to setup video streaming analytics in minutes with any video player


We asked, you told us, then we gasped! 😱 Over half of the respondents to Bitmovin’s 2020 Video Developer Report indicated they are *not using video experience monitoring* to ensure quality of experience for their viewers!

Our Bitmovin Analytics Team sprang into action to create not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 (that’s right FIVE) open-source video player QoS analytics collectors to improve the lives of streaming video watchers everywhere.

Watch our Engineering Director Daniel Hölbling-Inzko for this hard hitting, action packed, Video Analytics Collector webinar where we help you instrument any video player to measure your viewers’ quality of experience - whether it’s video.js, hls.js, shaka, dash.js, or the vanilla html5 video element we’ve got you covered with no-config “out-of-the-box” “plug and play” “quick start” connectors. Got a custom player? No problem. We show you how to instrument custom player events as well.

Here’s the TLDR:

  • Non-instrumented streaming video solutions are an anti-pattern
  • Please for the love of [your favorite deity] please use a video QoS / QoE monitoring service
  • “Take the Bitmovin Analytics challenge” and use ours for free for 30 days just to get some free takeaways on what to fix, or use one of our competitors, just use something and the world will thank you.
We guarantee you’ll get at least 1 actionable insight to improve your viewer experience - or your money back (free trial refund)

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