So many webinars, so little time.

Top 10 2020 Bitmovin's Webinars

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As all in-person events were canceled throughout 2020 due to the pandemic, Bitmovin was subject to immense pressure in terms of redefining how we continue to share and communicate our video technology insights and innovations with the industry.

To resolve this, we took it upon ourselves to host and attend a variety of events and sessions, totaling almost 100 of them from around the world. 

To close out 2020, we’ve organized our top 10 sessions to bring you a highlight reel of some of our favorite sessions. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Video Tech Trends 2020
A webinar that became more relevant than we ever imagined - we identified Operational Optimization, Time-to-Market, and Viewer Experience as the top three factors essential to streaming success. Find out what we meant with each trend:

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5 Myths About Dolby Vision & HDR debunked
This webinar covered addressed & debunked the five major myths around "what is Dolby Vision", how it's applied, and the differences/similarities to HDR
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Own Your App Destiny: Take (and keep) control of your D2C strategy(Applicaster)
Learn about the necessary steps and building blocks to creating your very own OTT app - as well as how to prep and manage it at scale.
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Encoding where it matters: How will the changing demand in content type affect your workflows?
Learn about the nuances of encoding for different types of content and what happens behind the scenes that your average consumer takes for granted.
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Cost of Errors - The Critical Importance of Data Granularity in Video Analytics 
This webinar discussed the monetary impact of errors on SVOD and AVOD streaming services and how to manage any errors in the most efficient and impactful manner.
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COVID-19 and its Impact on OTT Video, Moderated by Variety 
This webinar was panel discussion about how the streaming industry is changed as a result of global quarantines.
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State of Streaming: Bitmovin's 2020 Developer Report 
The second half of 2020 yielded our fourth annual Video Developer report, in this webinar we reviewed the top-level results of our survey and defined some of the most important video tech trends you can expect for 2021 are for OTT services around the world.
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Assessing Video Quality: Methods, Measurements, and Best Practices 
Learn how to objectively measure perceptive visual quality in a cost-effective and scalable way, and how to use the resulting data to inform technical or business changes.
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How VuClip Achieved Scalable, high performance Video Encoding with Bitmovin on Google Cloud 
In this case study discussion, Vuclip discussed why time is so critical to effectively delivering content and how a cloud-based encoding solution reduced their costs. We were joined by experts from VuClip and GCP
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Hands on Hacking with Bitmovin Cloud Connect for Amazon: Standing up Bitmovin Products in AWS 
One of our last webinars of 2020, our hands on hacking session displayed how to establish a fully automated encoding workflow using spot instances whenever a new file is uploaded into S3.
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