Bitmovin LIVE: NAB 2020 Edition

Bitmovin Tech talks on Demand

Analytics for Workflow Automation ft. Touchstream Media

Quality of Service (QoS) issues are a common occurrence for all digitally-oriented organizations, but how do industry giants manage and resolve these problems in a timely manner? With Automation. View Bitmovin’s tech talk on demand to learn how to automate deeper layers of monitoring to improve the inspection or resolution of QoS issues.

Workflow automations such as optimizing encoder settings, and configuring synthetic monitoring will be discussed. This talk will be lead by Sean McCarthy, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager and feature insights from Bitmovin’s Christoph Prager, Product Manager Analytics and guests Brenton Ough, CEO & Co-Founder of Touchstream Media and Pedro Tavanez, OTT Monitoring & Development. Don’t just monitor dashboards -- enable actions

Watch our Analytics Automation Tech Talk ft. Touchstream