Hands on Hacking with Bitmovin Cloud Connect for Amazon: Standing up Bitmovin Products in AWS

The ultimate goal of any video content delivery service is to maximise efficiency by delivering as high quality content as possible while reducing cost. As a part of the winter 2020 AWS Hackathon, the Bitmovin team set out to display how to configure an AWS workflow for spot instance encoding with Bitmovin Cloud Connect.

Watch our hands on hacking walkthrough as we display how to establish a fully automated encoding workflow whenever new files are uploaded into S3.

In addition we cover the following topics:

  • Encoding content using with static vs adaptive bitrate ladders (defined by a Per-Title algorithm)
  • A/B Per-Title Playback testing with Bitmovin Player and Analytics
  • Cost comparisons:  AWS Spot instances Vs On-Demand Instances, Per-Title CDN vs Static 

    This webinar is one of the Top 10 2020 Bitmovin's webinars. Take a peek in the full list here.

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