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Reduce TCO with Direct-to-TV broadcasting using DRM-based converged security


Traditional broadcasters have been on a collision course with rapidly growing OTT operators for more than a decade. Yet, the worlds of content protection, conditional access systems (CAS) and digital rights management (DRM), remain isolated in silos.  This leads to the obvious question: can a DRM-based converged security solution support direct-to-TV broadcasting and OTT services? 

There is good news: Smart TVs now come equipped with the security features of high-end STBs, such as hardware root of trust, trusted execution environment (TEE), and secure video path (SVP).  In this webinar, Intertrust discusses how service providers can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for direct-to-TV broadcasting by adopting a DRM-based converged security strategy. The goal is to deliver content securely to smart TV without requiring external hardware and eliminate the cost and logistics of providing STBs and CAMs.

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