The Practical Guide to HDR by Bitmovin

Since its introduction, High Dynamic Range (HDR) video has quickly grown from a novel innovation to an expected feature when shopping for a new television. Brighter highlights, more detailed shadows, and wider color palettes are all possible with HDR, so content creators and streaming platforms should be taking advantage of these improvements to create the best possible viewing experiences. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, with multiple HDR formats and fragmented device support adding more complications to an already complex ecosystem.

To help demystify and highlight the essential considerations on the topic of HDR, we’ve created this practical guide to provide the background knowledge around formats, conversions, and playback that will empower readers to make informed decisions about their own HDR workflows and support. 

In this guide you'll learn:

  • The functional differences between SDR vs HDR
  • About the different types of HDR Formats
  • How to convert content from one format into HDR
  • The Devices that currently support HDR

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