Achieve superior quality for all content types with Bitmovin Per-Title and 3-Pass Encoding

With a new self-service intuitive tool and updates to the Bitmovin Encoder, now is the time to confidently take your VOD service to the next level

Test Your Content Now


See for yourself how you can enable the efficient delivery of different genres of content using our new self-service tool. And start streaming video over low-bandwidth mobile networks where it wasn’t possible before. Once you get going, sit back and enjoy the higher engagement of your viewers with higher quality content, allowing you to monetize your content while building up your video brand.

Per-Title Encoding

Automatically optimizes your encoding parameters, including the adaptive bitrate ladder itself, to reflect the best video quality for a given asset (VOD file) at a given aggregate bitrate.

3-Pass Encoding

Delivers unparalleled results by analyzing the asset as a whole, followed by chunking (or segmenting) the asset into smaller components, and then finally encoding in a parallel fashion at the chunk level.

See for yourself quickly and simply with the free online Per-Title Ladder Benchmarking Tool (PT-LBT)

Upload your own test content and see a comparison of your existing bitrate ladder (or a standard default ladder) against the optimized Per-Title ladder. Sign up for a free account to access the tool now!

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