bitmovin magazine - 4th edition

Shaping the Future of Video

In 2019, the world of video is continuing to grow and change in many ways. End-users are demanding higher-quality video on a variety of devices, which is pushing companies beyond the traditional media players into the realm of video. So whether you're already a customer, or perhaps curious about what Bitmovin can offer, download our magazine to get an overview of our products, recent feature releases, current video trends, and customer case studies. 


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Table of Contents

Trends in Online Video for 2019 5
Your encoding team 8
Microservices and containers 12
Live Streaming 16
Case Study: FuboTV 18
Per-Title Encoding 20
3-Pass Encoding 25
Multi-Codec Streaming 27
The AV1 Codec 30
What is VVC and Why Does it Matter? 31
Machine Learning 32
Your player team 33
Low Latency Streaming 37
Advertising Solutions 41
Why Bitmovin Player 46
Case Study: ClassPass 48
Your Analytics Team 50
Analytics & Google Data Studio 57
Case Study: Znipe.TV 61
The Team that makes it all happen 63