Choosing the Best Per-Title Encoding Technology

Encoding Excellence - Per-Title Encoding Whitepaper


This whitepaper is a comprehensive overview of how per-title encoding technologies work and factors to consider when examining different per-title technologies. After testing eleven different per-title technologies, encoding expert and consultant Jan Ozer provided his thoughts and analyses on various per-title encoding systems.

What you'll find inside:

What is per-title encoding and how is it useful

Complete Ladder vs In Ladder vs Fixed Ladder

What matters -- what to look for and how to weigh quality metrics

The Battle: Bitmovin v Mux v Elemental v Capped-CRF

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Jan Ozer is an industry leading expert and consultant on encoding technologies for live and on-demand production. Ozer helps streaming publishers produce highly optimized and deliverable streams and to choose encoders, transcoders, and workflows that optimize cost, efficiency and flexibility. Download now to see his findings!